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Virginia Beach EMS is an organization filled with talented individuals doing extraordinary acts of service to our community and to our profession.  We have incredible leaders, subject matter expertise, and compassion on-display 24/7/365.  One of the goals of this website is to highlight all the great work done by our members.

Consider this an invitation to all our members to write for the website.  This can some something lengthy, sharing your knowledge with fellow members in your area of expertise.  It can be a short note, recognizing the accomplishments and milestones of our members and rescue squads,  It can also be an announcement of a rescue squad event or a photograph of a “provider in action.”

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  1. A patient’s image, likeness, or protected health information (PHI) may not be included in submissions.
  2. The submission of an image or article grants the Virginia Beach Department of Emergency Medical Services license use of said material as it deems appropriate, as long as the author or photographer are credited.
  3. All submissions are subject to review and approval.

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