This page is intended for EMS providers of the Virginia Beach Department of Emergency Medical Services; to obtain information on polices procedures, rules, regulations and protocols.




101.02.03 Membership and Application Policy


103.01.01 Associate Volunteer Membership Policy

103.01.01 Traffic & Criminal Activity Reporting

101.02.03 Code of Ethics Policy

101.02.03 Photographic Policy

103.01.01 Departmental Bonus Policy

103.01.01 EMS City Unit Review Equipment Damage Policy

103.01.01 Employee Assistance Program Policy

103.01.01 EMS Dept Funeral Procedure Policy

103.01.01 Funeral Handbook

103.01.01 Leave Policy for Non-Uniformed Personnel

103.01.01 Adjusting Work hours for Exempt Personnel

103.01.01 Limited Duty Policy

103.01.01 Organizational Structure and Chain of Command Policy

103.01.01 Records Management Policy

103.01.01 Sex Harassment Policy

103.01.01 System Identification Policy

103.02.01 Strategic Planning Policy


105.03.02 Media Relations Policy


106.03.01 Corrective Action Policy-Career

106.03.01 Corrective Action Policy-Volunteer


106.05.03 Equal Opportunity Policy

106.05.02 Hiring of Career Part-Time & Full-Time Policy

106.05.02 Hiring of Medical Director Policy

106.07.01 Personal Appearance and Uniform Policy


201.05.00 RRP Manual Policy




101.02.03 Acting Assignment Policy

101.02.03 Administrative Member Job Description

101.02.03 Asst. Rescue Capt. Job Description

101.02.03 Attendant-in-Charge Job Description

101.02.03 Bike Team Capt Job Description

101.02.03 Brigade Chief Job Description

101.02.03 CQI Coordinator Job Description

101.02.03 EMS Division Chief Job Description

101.02.03 EMS Captain Job Description

101.02.03 EMS Instruction Supervisor Job Description

101.02.03 EMS Recruit Job Description

101.02.03 EMT Enhanced Job Description

101.02.03 EMT Intermediate Job Description

101.02.03 EMT Job Description

101.02.03 EMT Paramedic Job Description

101.02.03 EMT Lifeguard Job Description

101.02.03 EMT Lifeguard Supervisor Job Description

101.02.03 First Responder Job Description

101.02.03 Marine Rescue Capt Job Description

101.02.03 Medical Director Job Description

101.02.03 Regulation and Enforcement Coordinator Job Description

101.02.03 Rescue Capt Job Description

101.02.03 Squad Truck Capt Job Description

101.02.03 SWAT Capt Job Description


103.01.03 Position Description Policy




101.02.03 Career EMS Progression Policy

101.02.03 Career Personnel Transfer Policy

101.02.03 Tactical Medic Policy

101.02.03 Use of Mobile Phone


102 02 01.Mass Casualty Incident Policy


103.01.01 Activity Reporting Policy

103.01.01 Constant Staffing Policy

103.01.01 CO Detector Policy

103.01.01 EMS Duty Policy

103.01.01 Equipment Assignment Career Policy

103.01.01 EMS Vehicle Manning Policy

103.01.01 Emergency Medical Custody Policy

103.01.01 Field Supervisor Policy

103.01.01 Maximum Consecutive Shift Duty Policy

101.03.01 Medevac Program Policy

103.01.01 Medic Leave Policy

103.01.01 Medical Control Designation Policy

103.01.01 Medical Incident Review Policy

103.01.01 Observer Policy

103.01.01 Response Policy

103.01.01 Return to Duty Policy

103 01.01 Patient Refusal of Treatment Transport Policy

103.01.01 Hire Back Recall of Career Personnel Policy

103.01.01 Shift Trades Policy

103.01.01 Squad Truck Operating Procedure

103.01.01 Vehicle Modification Policy

103.01.01 Vehicle Sharing Policy


106.01.01 Vaccination Policy


201.02.00 Air Ambulance Launch Policy

201 02 00 Marine Medic Policy

203.06.02 Walk-In Care Policy




103.01.01 Attendant In-Charge Training Policy

103.01.01 ALS Training Policy

103.01.01 BLS ALS Test Waiver Policy

103.01.01 Career ALS Training Advancement Policy

103.01.01 Minimum Training & Certification Policy




103.01.01 Critical Incident Stress Mgmt Policy

103.01.01 Medical Protocol Policy

103.01.01 Pager Assignment Policy

103.01.01 Weapons Policy

101.02.03 Special Conservator of the Peace Policy

106.07.02 Professional Conduct Policy

201.05.02 Response Time Reporting Monitoring Policy

201.06.03 Medical Oversight Committee

202.02.01 Occupational Exposure Plan Policy

203.03.01 Medical Equipment and Supplies Policy





Managing Volunteers in EMS

Acting Officer Guidelines & Expectations

Emergency Response System/Vehicle Response

EMS Communication Manual

Hurricane Plan Annex H

Second Employment Form

Oxygen Guidelines

Squad Commander Handbook

Medic / Supervisor Performance Expectation Guidelines