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Welcome to the Virginia Beach Department of Emergency Medical Services Training Division website. Here, members of the Virginia Beach Emergency Response System have access to information on a variety of prehospital medical education and training opportunities within the City of Virginia Beach and its surrounding communities.


The mission of the Virginia Beach Department of Emergency Medical Services Training Division is to provide members of the emergency response system and others in our community an innovative, relevant, and comprehensive learning platform through which initial, continuing, and lifelong EMS education can be achieved from qualified, learner oriented, and caring instructors.


The Training Division's goal is to enable our membership to preserve life, improve health, and promote safety through emergency response, public education, and safety initiatives, which are valued by our customers and oriented to the City Council goals and vision for the future.


Members of emergency response systems in our surrounding communities are invited and encouraged to attend training events open to outside agencies. If you are interested in attending a VBEMS sponsored training event, please call (757) 385-2970 to determine if seats are available.


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