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Welcome to the Virginia Beach Department of Emergency Medical Services

National Registry Emergency Medical Services ALS

Recertification Site

Online recertification will allow providers to have control over their recertification


To help you learn how to manage your online NR recertification, I have created a click-by-click guide with screen shots.


             To get started, print the following:


National Registry Recertification Check-off

Your detailed CE report from VA OEMS

NR Intermediate CEs or  NR Paramedic CEs


The click-by-click guide with screen shots is the attached file “NR Online recert.pdf”.  The click-by-click document is 21 pages long so you may not want to print it.


You will need to complete your online re-registration by March 10, to allow adequate time for your application to be validated by the training officer and OMD.


National Registry Recertification Check Off sheet


National Registry Paramedic CEs sheets


National Registry Intermediate CEs sheets