2015 AHA Updates

2015 AHA Updates

Every five years the American Hearth Association has updated their guidelines for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and emergency cardiovascular care and these are now out for 2015.  The staff at EMS Training has been reviewing not only the updated guidelines but also has been reviewing the underlying science and research.  Appropriate changes and updates to related trainings and course offerings is underway and will be implemented in early 2016.

Some of the key changes and recommendations released in the 2015 updates are:

  • Chest compression rate during CPR changed from “at least 100 compressions per minute” to a more defined “100-120 compressions per minute”.
  • Chest compressions should be 2″ (for an average sized adult), avoiding excessive depths.  This was changed from the previous “…at least 2 inches”.
  • In intubated patients in cardiac arrest, ventilations should be one breath every six seconds (this is a change from the one breath every 6 – 8 seconds released in 2010).
  • AHA formally recommends the use of social media to summon CPR trained personnel (ie. PulsePoint).
  • Naloxone administration either IM or IN by BLS providers in known or suspected opioid overdoses in patients in patients with definite pulse, but no normal breathing or gasping respirations.
  • Changes in umbilical cord management in the newly born.
  • Increased frequency in CPR training.
  • Use of CPR quality feedback devices during CPR training.
  • Therapeutic Hypothermia in the pre-hospital setting is no longer recommended with ROSC.
  • Use of pit crew CPR continues to be supported.
  • Resuscitation science and practices to be continually re-evaluated and potentially updated more often than every five years.

For more in depth information feel free to check out the related changes and updates (with underlying reasons) at:



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