New VBPD Narcan and Documentation Reminder

New VBPD Narcan and Documentation Reminder

VBPD has been using a new brand/style of nasal naloxone.  It is brand name Narcan and comes in a ready to go, one piece design.  Be advised that the new version is 4mg in a single dose.  They only use one nostril as it is only 4mg/0.1mL.  Once the other style runs out of stock/expires, this will be the only version they carry.

VBPD started their naloxone program in March 2016 and have administered it numerous times every year.

Please note which type VBPD used when documenting the use on your patient report so you can list the correct dose.  The Elite system defaults to 2mg so you will need to change the dose to 4mg in these cases.

Remember that any medications (especially ASA, NTG, naloxone, epinephrine, etc.) and/or procedures that are performed and are pertinent to the patients’ current condition should be listed in the medication/procedure section.  The name can be blank if other healthcare provider, non-healthcare professional, or patient/layperson is entered as the role.  FF’s should be listed with name and certification and added to the crew list.

Instructions for the device are below and instructions for documenting these items are here: