2021 VBRescue Photo of the Year Contest Begins on Monday

2021 VBRescue Photo of the Year Contest Begins on Monday

One of the coolest aspects of working in this part of VBRescue is the number of cool photo opportunities you get throughout the year.

VBRescue providers do so many different things — we’re running on ambulances, zone cars, providing stand-by coverage at special events and even serving as lifeguards in the summertime. Getting pictures of all these different types of service is a fun experience for everyone involved.

So this year, we’ll be running a fun contest on Facebook and Instagram to see which photo our community thinks is the 2021 VBRescue Photo of the Year.

There are a wide variety of candidates — volunteer providers, career providers, Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer and even a great photo of the American Flag. 

Starting on Mon., Dec. 20, four candidates will be shared each day on the VBEMS Facebook and Instagram pages. Votes can be cast for your favorite photo in the comments — simply type which photo was your favorite and post the comment. Votes for each set of candidates will be tallied at the end of the week, and the five winners from each day will go head-to-head on Mon., Dec. 27 for the final round of voting. The winner will be announced on Tues., Dec. 28.

As wild as 2020 was for everyone, 2021 was just as busy and productive for the VBRescue system. Hopefully these photos will help to tell that story.