6/13/17-Sodium Bicarb Shortage continues

6/13/17-Sodium Bicarb Shortage continues

Update 6/13/17-There is still a shortage but it appears to have lessened some.  Please continue to use bicarb per protocol for your hyperkalemic/dialysis patients.  Remember that bicarb is not standing order for routine cardiac arrests.

4/17-Due to national shortage, several facilities are having trouble acquiring sodium bicarbonate 50 mEq prefilled syringes required for stocking the TEMS red medication boxes.

If you (pharmacies) are unable to restock sodium bicarbonate prefilled syringes please create a sticker that states “contains 1 x sodium bicarbonate syringe”or “contains NO sodium bicarbonate syringe” and place it on the top of the red medication box. Please continue to fill the entire inventory if you are able!

Please note, the vials are on shortage as well. The group will be notified of any further updates and when the shortage has been resolved.

Current medication shortages can be viewed here:  http://tidewater.vaems.org/tems-drug-iv-box-info/medication-shortages


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