Member Development – Mentor/Proctor Training

Format Classroom
BLS CEs Cat 2: 4 Hours
ALS CEs Cat 2: 4 Hours
Prerequisites None

Are you a proactive mentor with your student or intern?

We all want trainees to thrive and progress. In some way, shape or form, if you are a released operational provider, you are a mentor to new students and interns. Whether you realize it or not, you affect those you run with on shift and train with at the station. Your actions and habits around new members sets the tone for their experience. It can be a lasting impression. Is it a positive, supportive role that you emulate? Do you provide effective communication and constructive feedback? Are you tuning into your trainee and their needs, or are you turning off trainee interest without realizing it? Find out how good experiences and quality feedback build up new trainees, motivates and provides direction towards success.

The Member Development Courses are designed to provide you a better awareness as a mentor/AIC to work with new members in our system, including our BLS Academy students. We also cover adult learning styles, BLS Academy student competency requirements, proper completion of field evaluations, OEMS Psychomotor evaluation, and information and requirements for joining our vital VBEMS Proctor Team. This is good information for all members. Both sessions are scheduled together, and provide a total of 4 hours of CE.

Scheduled Classes

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