Provider Recertification

All Virginia Beach EMS Providers are required to:

  • Maintain a current Virginia EMS certification (EMT, Advanced EMT, Intermediate, or Paramedic)
  • Hold current CPR certification
  • Complete required updates (i.e. annual OSHA update)

Virginia EMS Recertification Requirements

Providers must complete continuing education (CE) requirements in order to be eligible to recertify.  CE requirements are based on your certification level and year you obtained your certification or last recertified.   Providers who certified/recertified prior to October 1, 2016 will follow the 2012 NCCP recertification requirements.   Providers who certified/recertified on or after October 1, 2016 will follow the 2016 NCCP recertification requirements.   Specific requirements and classes offered by certification level are below.

Note that maintaining National Registry certification is optional for EMS providers functioning in Virginia.

Where to get CEs

Most courses offered by Virginia Beach EMS come with continuing education credits.  Classes targeted at your certification level are listed above.  Below are additional sources of continuining education credits.


  • Annual VAVRS Convention. Each September, the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads (VAVRS) holds its Annual Convention in Virginia Beach.   Presenters from across the state, including physicians, nurses, and EMS providers, offer CE sessions and specialty courses.  The VAVRS CE sessions are free for VBEMS providers who have a VBEMS ID badge.  Specialty courses require a paid registration.  For more information, call 800-833-0602.
  • Annual Virginia EMS Symposium. The 38th Annual Virginia EMS Symposium will be held November 8-12, 2017 at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott.  This is the largest training event in the state and one of the largest in the country.  Over 270 classes will be offered.  The Virginia EMS awards ceremony is also held during this event. Registration opens spring 2017 and closes in October.  Classes fill up fast, so register early.
  • Central EMS Expo.  Held each March in Richmond.


Old content— needed?

The Virginia Beach EMS Training Division is available to assist affiliated providers with their recertification needs.  For assistance, please stop by the Virginia Beach EMS Headquarters and Training Center (4160 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452) or contact us at (757) 385-1999 or

Virginia EMS Recertification ^

All providers must maintain an active Virginia EMS certification to practice in Virginia.

To maintain Virginia EMS certification, providers must complete continuing education (CE) requirements and have all hours posted to their provider portal prior to their certification expiration.

As long as the recertification requirements are satisfied prior to the certification expiration date, OEMS will automatically recertify the provider during the provider’s expiration month and a new card will be issued.

Lapsed Virginia EMS Certification

Do not wait until the last minute to complete your continuing education.

If continuing education (CE) requirements are not posted to the provider’s portal prior to the certification expiration date, the provider’s Virginia EMS certification will lapse and he/she will be in re-entry.  In order to regain EMS certification, the provider in re-entry must complete all continuing education requirements and complete the written and practical certification exams.


ALS providers with questions about Virginia Recertification should contact Brigade Chief Debbie Brennaman at 757-385-5025 or

BLS providers with questions about Virginia EMS Recertification should contact Instruction Supervisor Eric de Forest at 757-385-2975 or

National Registry Recertification ^

Instructions for Providers with National Registry Certifications expiring March 31, 2018:

VBEMS is committed to assisting providers maintain their National Registry certification.  However, please remember that maintaining your National Registry certification is optional. Only Virginia EMS certification is required to practice in Virginia.

For the 2018 National Registry recertification cycle, VBEMS will again follow the VAOEMS quick guide.  The VAOEMS Department of Education developed a quick guide to assist providers with their National Registry recertification application and to ensure both VAOEMS and National Registry requirements are met.

Virginia OEMS Guide to Completing National Registry Recertification 2.0 Application Effective Octiober 1, 2017 (Quick Guide)


  1.  All continuing education must be posted to your Virginia EMS provider portal.  Continuing education that is not posted to the provider’s Virginia EMS Portal will not be accepted.
  2. The VAOEMS quick guide must be used with responses to the NR questions answered exactly as provided by VAOEMS.


All providers must have the online recertification application completed no later than March 15, 2018 to allow adequate time for the application to be validated by the training officer and OMD.


A voucher for the National Registry recertification fee will be provided to any released Intermediate or Paramedic currently running as a volunteer or career VBEMS provider.

Once you have completed your NR paramedic recertification application and are ready to submit it, please email Brigade Chief Debbie Brennaman to obtain a voucher.

The deadline for a voucher request is March 15, 2018.

Maintaining Virginia CE report in Alignment with National Registry Certification Cycle

Once your National Registry recertification is complete and your new certification is issued, please remember to use the ‘Recertify Me’ option in your Virginia EMS portal to maintain your Virginia certification in alignment with your National Registry certification cycle.  Please DO NOT recertify your Virginia certification until you have your updated National Registry card.  If you are randomly audited by National Registry, you will need to submit your VaOEMS CE report to verify education requirements that were submitted with your National Registry recertification application.



If you have any questions about your National Registry recertification, please contact Brigade Chief Debbie Brennaman