Patient Testimonials

All patients and providers have provided Virginia Beach EMS with their written authorization to publish their testimonials.

I was involved in a life-altering accident in July of 2014. Rescue Squad 5 of Virginia Beach saved my life that day. At the end of their shift, they came to the hospital to visit me and to personally introduce themselves to me one-by-one, each shaking my hand, as I was a miracle they not only saved, but were able to witness to live. I am forever grateful for their service, commitment, and for each and every one of them going beyond the call of duty that day by showing up at my bedside and expressing their genuine concern for how I was doing. I promised them that day, when I was better and able, I would visit with treats. I have never forgotten my promise.  I wrote them a poem to honor them as the heroes they are and I had the opportunity to present it to them at the VBEMS Admin Office. I greatly appreciate my heroes from July of 2014.

– E. N. Kebort

One Sunday evening I had a vein burst in my leg and was unable to stop the bleeding. After calling 911, unit 826R responded. The two EMTs, Ryan Drucker and April Greissinger, came in and treated me with kindness, professionalism, and respect as though I had been a longtime friend. I felt very comfortable and at ease even after I had lost a large amount of blood. I was very nervous and my blood pressure was up a good amount they sure helped to calm me down. They transported me to the hospital and remained with me to make sure I was being taken care of (the ER was very busy). These two young people are an asset to the VBEMS program and deserve to be commended for the way they carry out their duties. I only hope each and every one in your program is as caring and professional as they are. Please extend a very warm THANK YOU to both of them. Thanks to them, again.

– W. P. Poston

The morning of Saturday, Dec 2nd, I called 911 because my husband was asphyxiating and stopped breathing. I believe the fire truck that arrived was from the Blackwater Fire Station, but then two ambulances arrived – one from Creeds and one from Princess Anne. When I called 911, Currituck answered since we live in Knotts Island, NC. My husband spent 9 days in the ICU at Princess Anne Hospital followed by surgery and 5 days at Sentara Leigh. As you can imagine it has been an overwhelming experience. The gentleman on the phone truly saved my life, too. He helped me focus when my husband actually stopped breathing and turned blue. He walked me through exactly what I needed to do as far as compressions and breaths. He was amazing! I could not have gotten through it without him. We just want to extend our sincerest thanks to everyone who played a part in his rescue. Thank you so much!

– J. Berges

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