Adding an Addendum to a patient care report

Adding an Addendum to a patient care report

Once a report is locked (72 hours after being posted), it may not be edited or altered.  Additional information may be added to a locked report by adding an Addendum.

(Remember that patient reports must be fully and accurately complete within 12 hours of the case per state regulation)

  1. From EliteBridge, find your report from the Incident List and open the report.  Click on the report Menu.
  2. Click Addendum’s.
  3. Click Add New.
  4. Type in the relevant information you want to add to the report and click OK.
  5. Click Ok to close the Addendum’s window that will commit the Addendum to the report.  Close the report when done.

Information in the addendum depends on what is missing.  Be very clear if the information contradicts something in the locked report.  Adding or correcting procedures, vitals or medications should include:

  • Time performed
  • Person who performed
  • Size, location, color, energy, dose, route, etc. as applicable
  • Were there any issues?  Was it successful?
  • Physician/standing order

Basically, whatever is required in the standard section must be included in the addendum.

We strongly suggest adding the date and your initials/name in your addendum text since that isn’t captured in the final report (though it is tracked on the audit report, that is separate).


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