Attention to detail: Hospital “sticker number”

Attention to detail: Hospital “sticker number”

Please ensure you obtain and enter the “sticker number” for your patient and accurately enter it into Elite.  Sentara identified hundreds of recent cases where the number was inaccurate or obviously wrong (e.g. 88888888-8888).  Entering all eight’s when you are unable to obtain a number must be the exception, not the norm.

Why is this important?  We know that each patient we transport is registered and receives number identifying that visit.  Sentara uses the number we enter into Elite to match you report with the patient’s chart in the hospital.    Matching is done with the number you enter and the patient’s name.

  • If there is a match, your report is automatically attached to the patient’s chart.
  • When no match is made, a Sentara employee must open each report and manually look up the patient to attach your report.

There are over 3,100 reports in the manual backlog queue at this time, across all regional EMS and transport agencies!!!  Common problems reported are:

  • All eights, nines, zeros, and other digits are entered, indicating the person completing the report did not obtain a MRN.  Our reports show VBEMS did this over 200 times this year.
  • Numbers were transposed, meaning the correct digits were recorded but in the wrong order.

None of us are perfect and there will be times when we simply forget to get the sticker number.  Or it is a high call-volume day and you are in a hurry to clear and take the next call.  If it isn’t done correctly in Elite, someone else will have to do the work.  Please pay attention to detail and document the correct “sticker number”.