Why can’t I find my report…

Why can’t I find my report…

Lately I’ve received an increasing number of requests to find “missing” or “lost” reports.  In all cases, the report was not visible to the requesting provider because:

  • The report wasn’t posted and had to be retrieved from “the cloud”.
  • The report was posted with no CAD information, including incident number, incident date, address.
  • The requesting provider was not a documented member of the crew.

I am well aware there are various issues with CAD downloads.  Some of these issues are resolved as of yesterday morning.  Other issues will take longer.  Ultimately, it remains your responsibility to enter complete and accurate information into your report, including CAD data.  This also includes all providers that participated on the call, including zone medics and firefighters.

If you need assistance accessing a report for an incident you were on, send an email to support@vbems.com.  Please include the incident number, address, your unit number, and the transporting unit.

And please remember to include, at a minimum, the incident number before attempting to transfer an incident.

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