Changes to Provider Continuing Education and Recertification

Changes to Provider Continuing Education and Recertification

The Virginia Office of EMS (VaOEMS) will be changing the continuing education and recertification program(s) to be in line with the National Registry of EMTs (NREMT) new National Continued Competency Program (NCCP).  This change will take effect this July 1st; you will not be losing any hours you already have…those will be mapped over to the new requirements sometime around July 1st.  While Virginia EMS providers are not required to maintain NREMT certification, this change to mirror the NREMT program at a state level will make the process to maintain NREMT certification even more seamless.  The NCCP was developed to make sure that providers get current, evidence based education that is pertinent to the practices of today.  The NCCP will detail more specifically what must be covered in each area and these topics have been selected by constituent groups such as the NAEMT, NASEMSO, NAEMSP, etc.  The topics will be reviewed and updated (or changed) every four years in an attempt to keep continuing education topics current, relevant and up to date.

This change also means the number of hours required to recertify will be changing for each level as well.  The table below shows the new hourly requirements for each level in comparison to current:

Level Current CE Hours New CE Hours
NREMT Virginia NREMT Virginia
EMT 72 36 40 40
AEMT 72 36 50 50
Intermediate 72 48 55 55
Paramedic 72 72 60 60

The new NCCP/VaOEMS hourly requirements are also now broke down in to various categories, there are National Continued Competency Requirements (NCCR), Local Continued Competency Requirements (LCCR) and Individual Continued Competency Requirements (ICCR).  The NCCR are further broken down in to specific topic areas as well.  The NREMT requires that providers meet certain hours in each of these requirements and it is broken down as follows:

Level* National (50%) Local (25%) Individual (25%) Total Hours
EMT 20 10 10 40
AEMT 25 12.5 12.5 50
Paramedic 30 15 15 60

*Intermediate break-down is not identified by the NREMT since this will become a state-specific certification in the future.

The VaOEMS will incorporate these requirements into the current VaOEMS CE program by making the NCCR compatible with “Category 1” hours and the LCCR/ICCR hours compatible with “Category 2” hours.  So….you will still be able to see what Category 1 and Category 2 hours you’ve taken/need via your VaOEMS CE report.  In addition, the NREMT and the VaOEMS have increased the number of distance education allowable hours.

Click on this document for a presentation the VaOEMS released titled “New CE Requirements” that you may find informative: 

Within the next 30 days a FY2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017) Department of EMS CE Training Schedule will be sent out; with it will come additional information relevant to this change such as specific topic requirements, current versus future con-ed hour maps, provider recertification worksheets (that will show which VBEMS classes providers need to take, etc.).  There are still some finalizing details that we are awaiting from the VaOEMS but rest assured that as of July 1, 2016 your EMS Training division will be offering content that is in line with NREMT/VaOEMS requirements and will be available to assist any member with questions they may have about their certification.  If you are a provider that has met all current recertification hours for your level and are eligible for recertification as of July 1, 2016…you will NOT lose that eligibility.  So for now…there is nothing you need to do other than wait patiently for the updated materials and schedules to be released in the near future.

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