Cot shoulder straps

Cot shoulder straps

A message primarily to: EMS ALS providers

Cot shoulder straps

Taking steps toward SAFETY EXCELLENCE

It’s increasingly apparent that the overall safety attitudes of our personnel are being judged by just a few very visible habits, chief among them:  whether or not we are using the cot shoulder straps on our patients.

You now have (and always did have) authority to make sure our patients are transported in an environment of SAFETY EXCELLENCE.  This includes using the cot shoulder straps unless there’s a very compelling clinical reason why you shouldn’t.  Please actually verbalize that we are applying the cot shoulder straps as we are doing it.  The more we take these actions now, the more apparent it will be to our general workforce that this is our expected behavior, and the more it will encourage our workforce to treat safety precautions as part of our organization’s DNA.

You are clinical leaders in our system.  People look to you as examples of what we (together) are, and what we should be.  Our attitudes as an organizational are in your hands.

If you encounter difficulties, please let me know.  Some squads may have removed their shoulder straps or may not have the appropriate parts for applying the shoulder straps to obese patients.  Some are working on bridging these gaps.  Please pass your concerns about their progress up to me.

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Division Chief Kevin Lipscomb, NRP
Regulation & Support Services
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