Department-issued bleach spray at hospitals

Department-issued bleach spray at hospitals

Beginning tomorrow, the EMS Department will be providing spray bottles of diluted household bleach solution at the following hospitals for EMS use:


  • Virginia Beach General
  • Princess Anne
  • Independence
  • Leigh


You may use the solution to clean ambulances and gear after transporting a patient with a communicable disease such as COVID-19.


At each hospital, there will be two spray bottles.  One will be labeled “1”, the other “2”.  The Department will make sure that the bottle labeled “1” is refilled with a fresh solution on odd days.  Likewise for the bottle labeled “2” on even days.


The procedure for cleaning with diluted bleach solution is:


  1. If the AIC was using PPE during transport, use similar PPE while you clean.
  2. Clean off visible contamination first using only towels (dry or moistened with plain water) – no disinfectant.
  3. Spray on the diluted bleach solution and wipe it, leaving the surface moist.
  4. Allow diluted bleach to remain on the surface for 5 minutes.  RETURN THE SPRAY BOTTLE FOR THE NEXT CREW.  DO NOT DRIVE AWAY WITH IT.
  5. With a clean towel moistened with plain water, wipe off any residue and let air dry.


Be thorough.  Don’t forget grab rails, radio microphones, latches, handles, straps, etc.


The Department (usually field supervisors or their designees) will be filling the spray bottles with a bleach-to-water ratio of 1-to-10.


— Division Chief Kevin Lipscomb, NRP

— Regulation & Support Services

— Va Beach EMS Department

“EMS Chief 7” (ECH07)