Deputy Chief Appointments

Deputy Chief Appointments

Dear Fellow EMS Members,

As you know, the department has undergone a significant transition over the past few months.  We’ve worked hard to backfill the duties of a number of retiring senior officers.  While we’ve kept things as seamless as possible, organizational stability is critical for us to continue to succeed.  As I mentioned in previous messages, my priority is to fill the vacant officer billets as soon as feasible.  This week I named an Acting Brigade Chief and will start a formal selection process for that soon.    Today we are interviewing for the Marketing Coordinator position.  You can expect to see advertisement for Division Chief billets within the next two weeks.

For today, I am proud to announce the immediate appointment of two new Deputy Chiefs.

Deputy Chief Jason Stroud (EMS2) joined the Department of EMS as a member of the Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad in 1998.  He became a paramedic in 2000.  He worked as a firefighter and paramedic for the City of Portsmouth prior to being hired as a career medic with the Department of EMS in 2004.  He was later promoted to Instruction Supervisor.  In 2006, he accepted a position as the Deputy Director of Public Safety for Campbell County (VA) and later served as the Special Operations Coordinator for the District of Columbia Department of Health.  He returned to Virginia Beach as a Division Chief in 2013.  Since then he has been tasked with oversight of both Regulation & Enforcement and Training Divisions.   Deputy Chief Stroud holds an Associate’s Degree in EMS and Bachelor’s Degree in Multi-disciplinary Studies from Liberty University.

Deputy Chief Tom Green (EMS3) joined the Department of EMS as a member of the Kempsville Volunteer Rescue Squad in 1991, progressing from EMT to paramedic.  He worked 14 years for the City of Chesapeake as a medic, firefighter and ultimately lieutenant prior to being hired by the Department of EMS as one of the first career EMS Captains in 2007.  He was promoted to Division  Chief of the Regulation & Enforcement Division in 2008.  During this assignment, he was responsible for implementing the electronic medical records (EMR) system and establishing the Sandbridge Lifeguard Service.  He later assumed command of the Operations Division.  Deputy Chief Green holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources from the University of Richmond.

Please join me in congratulating them both!

Ed Brazle, Chief
Virginia Beach Department of EMS


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