Divisions of VB Rescue

Divisions of VB Rescue

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services division is led by Division Chief John Bianco and handles all human resources tasks for VB Rescue, both for career and volunteer members.

Chief Bianco also oversees volunteer recruiting and retention, as well as the hiring of new career members. He also serves as the liaison to the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation and works closely with the volunteer rescue squads of Virginia Beach to help sustain the volunteer rescue system.

Field Services

The Field Services Division is led by two Division Chiefs, Brett Johnson and Bruce Nedelka, and handles day-to-day operations relating to calls for service.

Chiefs Johnson and Nedelka oversee four field Brigade Chiefs — Chiefs Rick Baker, Robert Gramkowski, Tyler Kerr and Matthew Owens — that supervise each of VB Rescue’s four shifts. Each shift features volunteer providers from various squads, as well as a set of career providers that operate on their respective shift.

Field Services works with each of the VB Rescue volunteer EMS squads to set the daily schedule and assist with staffing needs as they arise. 

Emergency management, logistics, special event planning and special operations are all housed in the Field Services Division. 

Training and Performance Management

The Training and Performance Management Division is spearheaded by Division Chief Jeff Meyer and handles a variety of topics related to the VB Rescue system.

VB Rescue’s training operations fall under this division and are led by Brigade Chief Elizabeth Beatty. These operations include all Basic Life Support (BLS) Academies, various continuing educational opportunities for both career and volunteer providers, as well as leadership training offered by various leaders within the VB Rescue system. It also includes VB Rescue’s new Advanced EMT (AEMT) Academy.

Continuous Quality Improvement is housed in this division as well. Brigade Chief Christi Budy and Captain Will Shackelford lead VB Rescue’s performance management efforts.

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