Elite EKG Update and Problems Sending 12-Leads

Elite EKG Update and Problems Sending 12-Leads

Dear Fellow Members,

First, I know some of you experienced issues sending 12-leads to the hospital.  It probably looked fine in your truck and you were probably surprised when the charge nurse said they didn’t receive it.  I thought it was working fine as recently as last week.  Yeah.  The problem has been clearly identified and a fix has been tested and is currently being field deployed.  So, the first piece of news is we have to change the way we transmit data using the LifePak… a little bit.

Before I get into the procedures, you may notice some EMRs have a new desktop background.  On the screen is now the computer ID numbers, a version number of the EMR configuration, and instructions for operating the LifePak.  The following applies to EMR Version 2.1, or, one of the new CF-20 computers.  All other computers must be updated.


To send a 12-lead to the hospital, we do things as we did before with FieldBridge using the Lifenet PC Gateway that is fast and easy.

  1. Gently insert the USB connector from the LifePak into the EMR.
  2. Press TRANSMIT on the LifePak, select the desired report and site, then select SEND.

Expect to hear the familiar jingle when the transmission is successful.

To download EKG data into your report, follow the procedure that distributed with the Elite launch.

  1. Gently insert the USB connector from the LifePak into the EMR.
  2. Launch the Elite Desktop Client and click the Physio-Control Transfer Wizard button.
  3. Press TRANSMIT on the LifePak, selecting EMR NOTEBOOK as the site, then select SEND.

DO NOT use the Elite Desktop Client for sending 12-leads to the hospital.

DO NOT select a hospital site using the Physio-Control Transfer Wizard.  It will falsely report the transmission was successful.

New training videos and ambulance quick reference cards will be coming soon.

Oh, and once you update your Elite Desktop Client software to, LifePak events are now part of the EKG download into your report.  And it sorts by date and time correctly.

To check your Elite Desktop Client version number, launch the program and select the Client Service Status tab.  Version number is at the bottom.


To update the Elite Desktop Client:

  1. Launch Elite and create a new report
  2. Click the EKG button at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Update Client (if out of date)
  4. Wait for the message “Updater Started”, then reboot the computer.


Thank you to everyone for their continued use of support@vbems.com when asking questions or reporting problems.  That is helping here a lot.


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