Elite Fixes 19OCT2020

Elite Fixes 19OCT2020

VBEMS October 19, 2020 Elite Hotfixes


  1. There have been some changes to help clarify several items on the Cardiac Arrest section. Questions have been modified to say, “prior to EMS/FD arrival”. This would include actions performed by lay persons, family members, law enforcement, off-duty EMS certified responders, or non-dispatched EMS responders e.g. an interfacility transport crew that was on-scene prior to VBEMS or VBFD arrival. The answers to “who provided” have also had slight modifications to better capture that same information.


  1. For Type of CPR Provided there was a spelling correction for Lucas Device. Remember, this is a one-to-many field so you can select more than one choice, if it applies. So, if you started with intermittent compressions, then intubated and switched to continuous, and then later applied a Lucas device you should be selecting the entire top row and at least one ventilation method on the bottom row.

  1. Sepsis screening tool – This field’s validation was updated to just be required for medical patients, not trauma incidents. This is based on the question “Possible Injury” in the Start Here section, Patient Condition panel.


  1. “Main Area of the Vehicle Impacted” has been reworded to better capture the intent of the data element. It is now “Initial Area of the Vehicle Impacted”.