Elite go-live, +2 weeks

Elite go-live, +2 weeks

1,486 reports later all seems to be going well.  These past two weeks have presented a number of technical and support challenges for myself and the organization.  But I’m happy to say that, with everyone patience and willingness to help out, we are doing good.  Very good.

  • Not all computers have Elite on them.  I thought we had enough deployed in the field for every ambulance and zone car, especially with the 18 new machines that hit the street on 10/1.  While that is a true statement, there were times at crew change that wasn’t the case.  I’m happy to report that I now have a cache of refreshed machines back from ComIT and work is in progress to locate any remaining computers that need Elite.  You will know when you receive one of the refreshed computers, as they now contain EKG instructions right on the desktop wallpaper.
  • Speaking of EKGs, had an issue earlier this week with EKG images not transferring.  It apparently had to do with a specific version of the Elite Desktop Client.  I’ve asked ImageTrend for better ways to keep this software updated so hopefully this won’t be an issue moving forward.  If you ever encounter an error posting a report and it says the EKG image was not uploaded, it means the EKG strip wasn’t uploaded and that will be a problem down the road.  See if you can update the software and try again.
  • Support.  More and more folks are sending questions, issues, and feedback via support@vbems.com.  Thank you!  It is very hard to get work done with my personal phone rings, receives text messages, receives Facebook messages, along with my desk phone, email, instant messenger making noise combined with a line of folks forming outside of my cube.  This happened and it meant a lot of stuff (like tickets) didn’t get attention until recently, like issues with CAD.
  • It turns out we are sending bad data to ImageTrend regarding our PSAP times.  Folks who need to know, know and are working on it.  Please continue to verify your times against a MDT to keep them accurate.  I am also looking into why address information isn’t always available for each call (or some calls aren’t visible in CAD at all).
  • And please…. PLEASE…. capitalize a patient’s name in your report.  Seeing “john doe” in your reports isn’t fun.  Yes, I know FieldBridge autocapitalized the names.  Elite doesn’t.  Yes, I’ve asked for it.  For now it is okay to LEAVE THE CAPS LOCK KEY ON WHILE WRITING YOUR REPORT.
  • Also, please… when creating a new report, only click the New Incident button at the top of your screen.  Don’t create a REAL incident on any of the forms under the “Other Forms” menu.  Those are works in progress and probably won’t validate correctly.
  • You should now see that Firefighters have their 700 numbers back in their names, making it easier to add them to your reports.

Next week I will be releasing a new runform & validation rule changes.  A lot of this is based on your feedback and ideas as well as a couple new reporting requirements.  Look for those details in your inbox.  You can also expect more validation rule changes, which may change your 100% validation report to less than that.  There will be a grace period where reports will be unlocked to allow you to fix things.

Because some of you asked, there will be another Elite class on 11/1 at 1800 here at admin.  Please sign up using the Member Portal as registration is required.

You already know this month is OSHA month.  The good news is it is finally available via online training.  The less good news is it has its own username and password.  There was more than a little confusion which password to use to gain access.  If you’ve already taken an online class, you already have an account.  If not, you do need to register for a new account.  Your Elite/Member Portal password won’t work for online training.  Hopefully that will change by this time next year.

So thank you again for all your good work with Elite.  Keep the feedback coming (via support@vbems.com)!