Elite Launch, 13 months later

Elite Launch, 13 months later

We have been live on ImageTrend Elite for 408 days.  We have been through 3 methods of transmitting 12-leads and generated 46,544 reports (76 of those reports are mine).  that’s an average of 114 reports per day, around 3,400 reports per month.  Challenges aside, we have done well and I’d like to thank all of our providers for their dedication, patience, and hard work completing reports.

So what’s next?  We are planning more tools to make data entry as easy as possible.  Validation rules will continue to evolve to ensure we are completing reports as we should.  More new Toughbooks are arriving shortly and by the end of the month, each ambulance and zone car will have a new computer.

I often ask people to critique things using 3 positives and 3 things that could be better.  Here is my list of things about our Elite system as a whole.

Things that are working well:

  • Folks are managing their passwords (at least, it isn’t rising to my attention).
  • 12-leads transmissions and downloads (when there is wifi).
  • Crews using support@vbems.com when they need assistance.

Things that could be better:

  • Having everyone properly capitalize a patient’s name.
  • Wifi in the trucks.
  • Keeping the EMR assigned to the vehicle in the vehicle.

Thanks again for all you do for the Department and for our community.