Elite Public Beta Release 1

Elite Public Beta Release 1

Well, here it is.

Yes, Elite is going live on 10/1.

If you haven’t already, follow the directions in this article to sign in and get started.  You can sign in from any computer.

Thank you for all of the members who spent their time testing Elite and providing invaluable feedback.  I cannot thank you enough.  I listened and have incorporated your input.  I’m pleased with the results.  There are many things I wish I could do, such as automatically changing field values based on your input.  That is a something ImageTrend has planned and I do hope to take advantage of.  I also wish the PowerTools were as useful as they are in FieldBridge.  I’ve made some noise about this and hopefully we will see them improve in future releases.

Elite is very different in some ways but not others.  It is using new technology and it certainly looks different.  But it still pretty much the same data we have been collecting using FieldBridge.  With a few more choices.  I think it will be the number of choices that will create the most confusion and I’m writing a couple training aids that should make that easier.   Speaking of training, I will be teaching 22 classes in September.  There will also be an online class for you to take.  And a lot of YouTube videos and other reference information.  That is my focus for the next couple of weeks.

What is important now is collecting as many reports as possible and posting them to the State.  At the end of the day, not only do we want to properly document patient care, we want to ensure the State accepts the report.  Report complexity can vary and there may be edge cases we haven’t tested.  This is why you have been asked to double submit a report during your shift.  I know everyone is busy.  This is voluntary and it will help a great deal.

Future release notes will outline changes from prior releases.  For the purposes of this note, here are a couple of highlights.

  • Patient Interview.  A new page was created with data elements that follows SAMPLE.
  • Incident Timeline.  Once a report is complete, the timeline provides a very clear overview of what happened when.  To help keep this as accurate as possible, times are being collected throughout the report.
  • Medical Assessment PowerTool.  Trauma and medical assessments are combined and this is the one PowerTool that is pretty awesome.
  • No more Silverlight!  Need I say more?

The data we are collecting is changing too.  Not only are we following new federal guidelines for reporting, our leadership has made a number of decisions in how we collect data.

  • Glucometry is a vital sign and no longer needs to be documented as a procedure.
  • We are now collecting patient phone numbers.  This will help us refer our patients to local or state resources to see if they are eligible for assistance.

It is a given you are going to have questions.  If you are not sure how to do something, like downloading EKGs, please be patient.  That is the first training video I’ll record and will post it on the website.  If you see something that looks wrong, either because you are unable to select a value you need to, or, validation isn’t working the way you expect, please let me know by filling out the support form on the technology services page.  Please be patient with how quickly I get back to you as I expect to receive a lot of messages.

Please stay tuned to the website.  More articles and information is coming.