March 2017 Elite/EMR News and Updates

March 2017 Elite/EMR News and Updates

Dear Fellow Members,

It has been a busy couple of weeks since my last update and news.

  • Starting on 4/10, all patient care reports will auto lock 72 hours (3 days) after the incident date/time, instead of 120 hours (5 days).
    • Only completed and locked reports are sent to Sentara.  Shortening the auto-lock mechanism means your report is delivered to your patient’s medical team faster.
    • For most of you, you are doing a GREAT job completing your reports to 100% promptly.  THANK YOU!
    • Reports will not be unlocked.  If you need to add information to a report once its locked, add an addendum.
  • Members passwords will no longer be reset on a “regular basis”.
    • Your electronic information from our records management system (Licensure) is what populates Elite.  Whenever we would make a change to your record, that would send your information to Elite, including your username and password.  If your password was changed in Elite, that was supposed to sync back to Licensure.  That was broken.  If you changed your password in Elite, and your personnel record was updated (for any reason), your old password was pushed to Elite, making it seem like your password was being reset on a regular basis.
    • On numerous occasions I was going to send out updates on this issue and right about the time I was ready to start writing, I’d get notice from ImageTrend it is fixed.  So I held off.  We went back and forth on this since late December.
    • I know this caused a number of people great frustration and I do apologize for this situation.
  • EMRs are now assigned to individual vehicles.
    • The goal is to improve asset accountability, and, identify a device used during a shift.  For example, if there is an Elite issue that prevents you from posting your report while on duty, I can log into that EMR and post your report.  I can’t do that if I don’t know what EMR was used during your shift, as computers would frequently move between vehicles and shifts.
    • You may notice blue stickers on your EMRs containing the vehicle number painted on the side of your vehicle.  The same number is shown on the computer desktop screen.  If the number on the sticker/screen doesn’t match the printed unit number, please remedy the situation.
      • When EMRs come in for service, a “loaner” device will be issued to your vehicle for the duration of the repair.
    • Captain Islam is tasked with maintaining the EMR asset inventory and will be verifying the EMR’s are in their assigned locations.
  • How we transmit a 12-Lead/download Lifepak data will change in the coming months.
    • We will begin to utilize the Lifenet Cloud features available to us.  All importing of 12-leads/Lifepak data will come from a cloud repository and we will discontinue use of the Elite Desktop Client.
    • What this means is if you transmit to the hospital, your data will automatically be in the cloud— no need to send data a second time to import it into your report.  If you don’t send data to the hospital, you can still send to the cloud just by selecting a different site on the Lifepak.  This should shorten and simplify the process.
    • You may begin to see references to the Lifenet Cloud in the coming weeks.  This is part of the process of getting it set up to begin testing and creating new training materials.  Please continue to use existing methods for Lifepak transmission and downloads.
  • Our Online Learning website (Moodle) is REALLY slow.
    • The root issue has been identified and within the next two weeks everyone should see an improvement in site performance.

When needing assistance, please continue to refer to your shift leadership first.  Otherwise, send an email to to create a support ticket.  So far the department has processed 148 tickets related to Elite issues and 120 requests for password resets (or locked accounts).  Using the ticketing system versus calling or emailing helps distribute the workload and improve tracking.

Thank you for your continued patience and support, and for all you do for the Department!

Your Business Application Specialist,


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