EMR Townhall Notes

EMR Townhall Notes

Dear Fellow Members,

Thanks to everyone who came out for the EMR Town Hall events yesterday.  I learned a lot from you and have a number of action items to follow up on.  For those unable to attend, here is the news I shared:

  • A total of (40) new CF-20 computers are on order and arriving.  All ambulances, zone cars, and supervisor vehicles will have a new computer, ETA September.
    • Each EMR is assigned to a unit.  There are stickers on the computer case, and, coded into the EMR.  This makes inventory and troubleshooting of issues easier and possible.
  • Docking stations for the CF-20s are coming to the hospital EMS rooms.  Each will have a keyboard, mouse, power, and a large monitor to help you complete reports.
  • As previously announced via email new rules from VaOEMS went into affect on 7/17.
    • One of the more significant rules was on vital signs.  The new rules are designed to ensure certain “vital signs components” are documented once per incident, such as GCS, AVPU, Glucose, etc.
    • It is important to remember that VBEMS recommends all providers obtain at least two sets of vital signs per patient, as possible.
      • BLS patients should have vitals taken every 15 minutes during transit
      • ALS patients, every 5 minutes during transit.
  • Patient signatures are not required for transports, but remain required for refusals, patients under age 14.
  • The person completing the report is no longer defaulted to the person who signed into Elite.  This is to ensure the person completing the report, who is ultimately responsible for the report, is properly documented.
    • While interns may fill out reports as part of their training process, this field should always be the AIC.
  • There is now built in feedback capability in Elite.  Click the Worksheets button (upper right corner), then the Feedback form (lower right corner).
    • Use when you have a suggestion.
    • Do not use if you need a more urgent response, as these are reviewed weekly.
  • Patient’s phone number will again by required
    • This information may be used “to follow up with patient’s regarding their care.”
    • It may also be used in partnership with VDH to help arrange better care options for our patients.
  • Provider Impressions and Mechanisms of Injury lists are under review.  Expect changes before the end of the year.
  • New 12-lead transmissions procedures were discussed.
    • The new procedures require you to have an internet connection.  Not using the Elite Desktop Client will relieve certain problems.  If there are other errors, it is always recommended to reboot both the MDT and EMR.

In general, if you are having technical problems with your Lifepak, EMR, or MDT during your shift, contact a supervisor or your squad maintenance personnel.  Keep the equipment on the vehicle, or document what equipment went where.  In order to troubleshoot these problems, I need to see the exact EMR, Lifepak, and ambulance together.  By reporting these problems, it gives me the chance to solve problems.

As always, send your questions to support@vbems.com.

Thank you for all you do!