EMS Fellow – Dr. Skinner

EMS Fellow – Dr. Skinner

I am pleased to be able to report that Virginia Beach EMS is participating with a new program to train EMS physicians.  The EMS Fellowship training program is a multi-jurisdictional training program that provides intensive training for a physician with an EMS interest.  The program provides broad exposure across all areas of EMS to prepare a physician to become Board certified in EMS medicine.

The first physician in our region to be accepted for this program is Dr. Stephen Skinner.  In his role with Virginia Beach EMS, he will be functioning as an EMS physician.  You may have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Skinner on EMS calls, training sessions, stand-by events, and during meetings.  While operating in the field, Dr. Skinner will be functioning as a Medical Control Physician.  He will be able to perform all ALS and BLS procedures, and give medical direction orders as needed.  His orders should be followed as you would from an ED physician providing medical direction.  He will also be working for Emergency Physicians of Tidewater as an attending physician, so you will encounter him in the ED as well.

Please feel free to contact myself or Deputy Chief Stroud if you need more information regarding this program.

Thank you for the great job you do every day.

Stewart Martin, M.D., FACEP, ABEM-UHM & EMS
Medical Director