EMT Administration of naloxone (Narcan) is IN only!

EMT Administration of naloxone (Narcan) is IN only!


We just wanted to clarify that the only route an EMT can provide naloxone (Narcan) is via the intranasal route.  EMT/BLS providers can obtain the naloxone (Narcan)  from the IV box, drug box or Revive kit to administer it.

The TEMS protocol lists all levels of providers and states 2mg IN/IV/IM (may repeat).  Each level of provider is encouraged to know which routes they are able to use.

The VBEMS protocol indicates IN naloxone (Narcan) for EMT up to a max of two doses.  Please click on the link for the EMT protocol and more information:  https://www.vbems.com/download/training/protocols/VBEMS-BLS-Opioid-Poisoning-Protocol-Full.pdf

The only IM medication that an EMT can administer is a patient assisted Epi-Pen.  You can view the Prehospital Skills Delineation for VBEMS here:  https://www.vbems.com/download/training/protocols/VBEMS-Preshospital-Skills-Delineation-for-Affiliated-Providers.pdf

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