ePCR Reporting Requirements

ePCR Reporting Requirements

Electronic patient care reporting is a critical component in the quality of care our patients receive.  ER and primary care physicians do read your reports to understand what was happening with  patients at different times.  And Virginia is starting to use mechanisms allowing for near real-time transmission of patient care reports, right from your ambulance, to the ED.  Quality reports, done promptly, demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to quality patient care.

The State of Virginia requires patient care all reports to validate at 98% or higher in order to be considered valid and complete.  Per State EMS regulations, all reports must be completed within 12 hours of patient turnover.

A report must be completed for every EMS unit to which units are dispatched (e.g. VBEMS, VBFD).  Only one report per incident is required.  This can be a little tricky when you are cleared prior to arriving on scene so use the following as a guide.

  • If cleared by VBFD, VBFD does the report.
  • If cleared by anyone else, EMS does the report.

During your shift, if you have questions or need assistance with a report, contact a duty supervisor.  If you or your squad would like ePCR refresher training, please email Greg Postlewait to schedule a class.

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