FAQs, 3rd Edition

FAQs, 3rd Edition

What do I do if I recognize a STEMI but the LifePak15 doesn’t and/or won’t transmit?

  • Relay your pertinent findings to the receiving facility (describing what you see and in which leads) and follow their instructions.

Can the Cyanokit be administered to pediatric patients, and if so what is the age?

  • Yes (with orders) the Pediatric dosage is 70mg/kg and for the Cyanokit, a pediatric patient is anyone under the age of 16 y/o.

If a BLS provider administers a medication in accordance with their revised protocols, is an ALS provider still needed for transport?

  • If a patient meets criteria for ALS care and/or ALS transport, then ALS should still be called for and respond (if available). The revised protocols shorten the length of time it takes to initiate treatment but they don’t negate the need for ALS.

If I feel someone inappropriately backboarded a patient prior to my arrival, can I remove them from the backboard using the new protocols?

  • No, once the patient has been fully immobilized they must re-main that way unless directed to do otherwise by a physician.

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