Getting Supplies at the ED…

Getting Supplies at the ED…

We are still having numerous issues with restocking supplies from the hospital vending machines.  Please take a minute to see what the major issues continue to be:

  • Stations/Fire are responsible to restock the nasal cannula end tidals.
    • Hospitals only restock intubated versions.
  • You can only restock what you truly used on the patient.
    • If the machine spits out extras or you pull something by accident, please return it immediately.
    • You can’t replace items that were opened accidentally -those must be restocked by your station/fire. So please, be careful!
    • Fire crews-if the ambulance can’t restock it at the hospital, they may not be able to restock you. You will have to restock back at your station/with fire logistics.
  • If the pt report doesn’t note why numerous items were used, we may contact the crew for a clarification.
  • Check closely with your partners to make sure only one of you restocks.
  • The hospital may (and have) request that you return Items taken in excess.

Thank you for paying attention and only pulling what you used!

Here are some additional notes about hospital restocking and clean up.

TEMS restock policy and allowable items list:

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