Holidays are Stressful!

Holidays are Stressful!

The holidays can be a stressful enough time for many people—so much to do with little time to get it done, longer nights, colder temperatures, tempting food that derails your diet, family, shopping, work deadlines, crowds and traffic, budgets—it can feel overwhelming!

EMS calls might add additional stress during this normally stressful time.   It may be the same type of call that you ran in July but it just “feels” more.  Keep this in mind during this season and understand that it is normal and ok to feel that way.  Please make sure that you take care of yourself.

  • Get enough sleep—schedule sleeping if you have to
  • Ask for help—don’t take on all the holiday tasks by yourself and share the load
  • Eat the desserts—just balance it with some vegetables
  • Avoid too much alcohol—moderation is key
  • Don’t overcommit—schedule some down time for you
  • Talk to someone—a hug and a chat is a great way to process stress

Here are some additional tips for avoiding stress around the holidays.

Please take care of you and your family during this holiday season.  If you are feeling overwhelmed and need to reach out to someone, there are resources available to you including VB EAP:

The TEMS CISM Team offers one-on-one peer support to Public Safety members and can be reached at 757-414-2476.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You need to take care of you to help others!