Hospice Patients-How to Help

Hospice Patients-How to Help

I am responding to a hospice patient. I heard that if we transport them to the hospital, it nullifies their hospice contract.  Is this correct?

  • No.  The best thing to do when dispatched to a patient receiving hospice care is to determine what the family and patient needs are.  Often the family panics over a change in the patient and their instinct is to call 911.  If possible, take a moment to figure out exactly what the family needs and contact the hospice nurse (or on-call nurse).  Many times, with a little support, things can be handled without a trip to the hospital.  In other cases, a trip to the hospital may be completely warranted.  For instance, if a cancer patient falls and breaks their hip, they should go to the ER.  Either way, do what you think is best based on the circumstances and don’t forget to contact a supervisor or medical control if you have questions regarding a specific case.

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