How to Elite:  Post, Transfer, Save

How to Elite: Post, Transfer, Save

The AIC for the case is responsible for having a fully complete (no less than 98%) patient report/refusal/cancelled calls posted within 12 hours of the call per VAOEMS regulations.  We strongly advocate for no later than end of shift and prefer as soon as the call ends.  There are a lot of reports that get left behind, lost, or left incomplete.  Here is some information related to posting, transferring and saving and a few common errors.

A few key tips:

  • Log out of the computer when your shift is over and ensure that the previous crew is logged out when you start.
  • If transferring records between crews or apparatus, put your name on the report in the crew section and send it where you want it so you know where to look
  • Don’t wait to verify if a transferred report is present. Check it early in case you need to contact the crew.
  • Don’t forget to complete your reports!


Transfer Save
Only those with proper access to review the case have the ability to see it (Crew, poster and other staff with wider access) Temporary storage so report can be passed along to another crew/computer If not yet posted, this saves changes on the local computer
Within 60 minutes or so, a copy is sent to the state Must be retrieved, completed and posted by the other party If posted online (or if creating from the web version), this is the same as posting
Triggers for the next steps are started upon the first post Transfer information can be viewed on the list but the report is not available  
Patient care records must be posted to “VBEMS Production”—where the reports live    

Common Issues

I posted a report and now I can’t find it!

There are only a few places a report can “hide” in the system.  The earlier that you attempt to complete the report, the better the chance that a missing report can be located.

  1. Was the case more than two weeks ago? If so, change the Unit notified date on the incident list to include the correct range.  You may want to use the least amount of search criteria as possible.
  2. Was your name on the crew list? All parties (fire and EMS including ALS and supervisors) involved in the patient’s care or decisions should be listed as crew members.  If someone else is going to complete the report later or at another location, make sure their name is listed so they can access it.
  3. Did you include the time of dispatch before posting? If not, it goes to a specific location.  You can ultimately get there but it is not easy to find.  You can contact EMS HQ for retrieval.
  4. Did you transfer it instead? Check the transfer list to make sure.

Transfer issues

  1. Remember to retrieve your report and bring it down from the transfer cloud to complete it.
  2. Bring down transfers as soon as possible so you know where it is, you don’t forget it and you have time to track it down if it isn’t there before the other crew leaves.
  3. If it isn’t on the list-
    1. Was it posted instead? Check the EMS incident list.
    2. Change the search criteria to look at all units and call signs

General Post issues

  1. If you post and then add new information to your report, you must repost or the online report will not be updated and the new information could be lost. It will show as posted on the EMR computer so pay attention to that!
  2. Ensure that you are logged into the computer when posting
  3. The intern cannot sign as the AIC and if you are signing, you need to ensure that all of the report information is complete and accurate before the final post.
  4. Try not to move the computer from one WiFi connection to another (hospital to vehicle) while posting or information (or the entire case) may be lost. Give it a few seconds to finish before moving along.

End of Shift

  1. Did you do all of your reports for the day?
  2. Ensure all report are posted from your EMR computer-even incomplete ones!
  3. Ideally, log in to the incident list to verify your cases are present and complete
  4. Log out of the EMR computer before you leave


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