How to Elite:  Trauma, STEMI, Stroke Alert Recommendation Box

How to Elite: Trauma, STEMI, Stroke Alert Recommendation Box

This box is located on the Incident Tab under Receiving Facility.

This section tracks your thought process and the time that you called in or sent the receiving hospital information so they can alert the patient for trauma, STEMI or Stroke.  The time that you give the hospital enough information to make the call so they can get the right people in the right places is crucial to the entire process.

Alert Type

This should be completed with something OTHER than No Alert or N/A if your patient meets one of the following criteria:

  • Trauma (adult or peds) and is being transported to a trauma center and meets trauma triage criteria
    • These patients are typically alpha/bravo alerts at the receiving facility
    • If you are transporting to a non-trauma center such as SI or SPAH, they should not meet trauma triage criteria.
  • Stroke

There are additional optional choices including Cardiac Arrest, Obstetrics, Hand/Extremity, Adult Burn and Pediatric Burn.  Delta Alert (Adult >65, low mechanism, blood thinners) is included as well.  This is currently optional.  If you have a patient that meets these criteria, we do encourage you to select it so we can do some tracking.

Time Hospital Notified of Alert

You should list the time that you gave the receiving facility enough information to make an alert determination.  If you are transporting a patient to a trauma center because they meet trauma criteria, you should enter the time that you contact the hospital.  The same applies for stroke.  If you have a patient that you identify as a STEMI, you may transmit a 12 lead and call on the radio at separate times.  Your time entered should be the time the hospital can make the determination to call a STEMI alert if they decide to.  This time is not the time the hospital alerted the patient….it is the time you alerted the hospital.

The hospital may not choose to trauma, STEMI or stroke alert the patient on their end.  These are patients that you have identified as potential candidates.  These criteria will direct you to certain destinations and the information should be reflected with the time you made contact.

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