Important review of Lifepak transmission procedures

Important review of Lifepak transmission procedures

A picture is worth a thousand words.  The picture below is from Physio-Control and displays the number of Lifepak transmissions to hospitals we made (left axis) in various months (bottom axis).  From 10/2016 – 12/2016 we transmitted significantly fewer 12-leads to the hospital, which corresponds to when we went live with Elite.

Why?  Initial instructions on how to send a 12-lead were wrong and not all computers have the software required to send a 12-lead.  This was reported mid-November.

We can and need to do better.

First, if you have a computer that does not say “VBEMS EMR v2.1” on the desktop screen, it needs to be swapped out immediately.  Career staff and station leadership is involved in making this happen.  As providers checking off your vehicle, everyone should be checking this as well.

Second, please follow the updated instructions for sending a 12-lead (e.g. NOT using the Elite Desktop Client—- which is only used to download into reports).



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