Mishap Report

Mishap Report

A message primarily to: All current EMS members

Mishap Report

It will never happen to you, right?

Here are summaries of mishaps recently reported to the EMS Department.  What could have been done to prevent these?

  • An ambulance struck a mailbox when attempting to pull into a tight driveway.

  • A sharp-eyed crew noticed bolts missing from the rear bumper of an ambulance.  At the city garage, it was discovered that the rear of the ambulance had struck the ground, causing additional damage to the exhaust and the frame.

  • A fire extinguisher was discharged in the back of an ambulance as someone reached to grab a portable radio from its charger.  The extinguisher did not have a safety pin or a tear-away seal.

  • A zone car approached an intersection with its lights (but no siren) on, yielding to another car.  A third car, possibly mistaking the zone car’s intentions, entered the intersection, and collided with the zone car.

  • A crew found bent prongs in an ambulance’s shore power, making it impossible to use shore power.  The ambulance had to be taken out of service.

  • A driver lost track of the position of the rear wheels during a slow turn and hit the rear wheels against a curb, causing a blowout.

  • City garage staff found roof damage and a snapped-off antenna on an ambulance.  An unknown crew had driven the unit into an overhang without making a report.

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