Mishap Report

Mishap Report

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All current EMS members

Mishap Report

It will never happen to you, right?

Here are summaries of mishaps reported to the EMS Department over the past few months.  What could have been done to prevent these?

    • An ambulance, backing with one spotter, made contact with a zone car, breaking one of the zone car’s mirrors and scratching its paint.
    • An ambulance backed into a safety pole at a hospital.
    • An ambulance made a left turn in a tight parking lot and scraped a parked car because the rear wheels were not yet clear of the car.  The incident was recorded on security video.
    • An ambulance cut a corner too close (before the rear wheels were clear) and clipped a safety pole at a station.
    • An ambulance hit a curb with the driver’s side rear tire.  A dashboard indicator immediately reported a "PIN 9 ERROR".  The ambulance had to pay a visit to the city garage.
    • An ambulance started bouncing "violently" and its air ride suspension was malfunctioning.  The crew stopped and noticed that the right rear outer tire was low and leaking air.  The city garage noticed damage to the rim and suspected a curb strike.
    • In two separate cases, an ambulance’s mirror struck a car’s mirror as the ambulance was moving through traffic at low speed.  In both cases, the damage was only cosmetic.
    • An ambulance turned into the right lane of a tight four-lane street, and almost immediately encountered a car moving in the same direction but drifting into the ambulance’s lane.  The ambulance moved to the right edge of the road to avoid the car, but did not realize that a very old utility pole was standing unusually close to the right curb.  The ambulance’s right mirror struck the utility pole, breaking the ambulance’s mirror.  The incident was captured on security video.
    • An ambulance struck its upright exhaust pipe against the hoop of a portable basketball goal that had been left in road near the shoulder.
    • An ambulance drove under an overhang, damaging the ambulance’s roof and antenna.  Clearance measurements were posted conspicuously on both the overhang and the ambulance.
    • A member slipped on water while trying to place a bucket under a water leak, causing a musculoskeletal injury.
    • A member stepping backwards out the back of an ambulance lost footing and/or balance, and fell backward, suffering a musculoskeletal injury.
    • An ambulance was stopped in traffic when it was struck from behind by a civilian vehicle.
    • Copious blood from an artery laceration soaked into the foam inside a stretcher mattress whose upholstery had holes and/or tears due to extended use. The mattress had to be trashed and the stretcher and ambulance had to be taken out of service.

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