New Electronic Patient Care Reporting System, Elite

New Electronic Patient Care Reporting System, Elite

All –

As you know, the technology we use is ever improving and changing.  This constant change coupled with the EMS field continually moving ahead with data driven, evidence-based approaches means that in the near future our mobile electronic patient care reporting foundation will change.  The data capturing and submission requirements of the National EMS Information System (NEMSIS) and the Virginia Office of EMS (VaOEMS) Virginia Pre-hospital Information Bridge (VPHIB) program are changing as well.

The VaOEMS has implemented and requires a new version 3 EMS dataset (VAv3) which fulfills the requirements and of NEMSIS Version 3 data submission.  This change by the VaOEMS means that the EMR program and run form in use by our Department will be changing.  ImageTrend will still be our ePCR vendor, and with the transition we will be using their newest ePCR product which is called “Elite” and staff are currently working the “back end” to ensure everything is in place to facilitate this transition.

Some key points for you to know:

  • Elite is more intuitive when compared to FieldBridge and/or ServiceBridge; it runs faster and is considerable more “touch” friendly.
  • There will be no more FieldBridge, ServiceBridge or Silverlight!
  • From a user perspective; the same information will be entered in the report for each patient.
  • There will be an abundance of training and support available in the short and long term.
  • Department of EMS Business Application Specialist Greg Postlewait can be contacted to set up a demo of the new program for your individual rescue squad’s, in-services, etc.
  • Training opportunities available via different mediums will be forthcoming in March/April/May with a “go-live” implementation occurring in the May/June timeframe.

Finally, as a part of a planned transition of staff duties Division Chief John Bianco will oversee the patient care reporting program and compliance as of February 15th.  Greg is the day–to–day point of contact for all things “EMR”; Greg can be reached at or at 757.385.5038.

Thank you and stay safe!

Jason E. Stroud, BS, NRP
Division Chief
City of Virginia Beach
Department of Emergency Medical Services