New “Hospital Number” Format

New “Hospital Number” Format

If you have transported to Sentara Leigh recently, you may have noticed that the patient sticker number is 14 digits with no dashes.  Some of you have been creative in trying to validate your records!  🙂

The Sentara system is altering their registration process and programs and this includes using a “CSN” or Contact Serial Number in lieu of the MRN (Medical record number) with the julian date.

The new number is in the same place on the sticker and you can now enter the proper number and your reports will validate correctly to 100%.  We will alter the other hospitals as they go online over the next two or so years so there may be a few days during transition where other hospitals aren’t validating correctly.  There is a note in the entry box that gives guidance.

  • The new format is 14 digits with no dashes
  • Sentara Leigh is the only facility active with the new format at this time
  • A CSN is a unique value used to identify something such as a patient encounter


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