New Roll Call Process on TAC Channel Starts on 3/19/18

New Roll Call Process on TAC Channel Starts on 3/19/18

This muster note/new process is for our dispatchers at ECCS.  Since the CAD created some issues with unit visibility for our EMS and Fire supervisors, the dispatchers will now perform roll call on the TAC channel. This will start at 0600 on Monday, March 19, 2018.  Please switch to the assigned TAC channel and wait for your unit to be called.  Unless you are a supervisor, there won’t be many differences to the field units…just a different voice on the other end.

In the Premier One CAD system, field supervisors can only see the units responding from their own departments on the MDC’s. The Battalion Chief cannot see what EMS apparatus is responding to an incident and EMS01/EMS02 cannot see what fire apparatus is responding to the incident. So that the field supervisors can have an overall view of all resources dispatched to an incident, the Fire Dispatcher will conduct all roll calls on the assigned TAC channel.

  • Roll calls are conducted for all incidents with an assigned TAC channel on initial dispatch
  • Roll call begins once all units show en route or 2 minutes after dispatch, whichever comes first
  • Call each assigned unit in the order of display in the Monitor Incident Window. Announce:
    • “Virginia Beach on TAC Channel XX starting roll call for incident location.”
    • “Virginia Beach to Unit XX”
  • Wait for an acknowledgment, then continue with each unit (if no acknowledgement, move on to the next unit)
  • Once roll call is complete, announce:
    • “Roll call complete with all units on TAC channel X”.
  • If a unit(s) did not acknowledge the roll call, announce:
    • “Roll call complete with all units on TAC channel X with the exception of unit XX”.
  • If a unit advises they are about on scene or any unit changes their status to on scene – suspend roll call. Announce:
    • “Virginia Beach to all units, Unit XX on scene – suspending roll call”


  •  If a new fire incident displays while conducting roll call, dispatch the incident via USDD alerting. Follow up with the verbal dispatch of that incident once roll call is complete.
  • You no longer need to announce on the command channel the units you show responding to an incident.

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