Phoenix G2 Alerting App begins limited distribution

Phoenix G2 Alerting App begins limited distribution

US Digital Designs (USDD) is the manufacturer of our station alerting system (Phoenix G2 or “Samantha”).  The company offers an app allowing users to receive dispatch notifications on their smartphone.  The app can subscribe to receive dispatches for individual units or stations.  The Fire Department has shared a limited number of licenses with EMS.  It is not possible for every member to have access to the app.  Licenses will be distributed to members in a duty status who are not on any form of leave and meet other criteria established by the Department.

The app is intended to:

  • Alert members who are typically on-call of an incident.
  • Provide an alternate means of alerting on-duty personnel of a call.

The app is not intended to:

  • Relieve on-duty personnel of their responsibility to monitor radio’s, pagers, or building mounted alerting devices.
  • Attract off-duty responders to an incident (e.g. freelancing response).
  • Casually “monitor” activity within the City.


You will receive an email if you become eligible to use the app.

The Department is not liable for data charges or any damages associated to your personal device by use of this App.