Proctoring With VB Rescue

VB Rescue – EMS is always looking for current members to join our team of BLS and ALS Proctors! Use your knowledge, skills and experience to teach the future generation of providers!

Eligibility Requirements for BLS Proctors

  • Be an active member released for 48 hours of shift time in the field as a released Attendant-in-Charge (AIC) with VB Rescue.
  • In good standing with your volunteer rescue squad and the Department of EMS.

Eligibility Requirements for ALS Proctors

  • Be an active member and a released Attendant-in-Charge at the Advanced EMT (AEMT) or Paramedic level.

Start the process for becoming a VB Rescue Proctor!

  1. Fill out a VB Rescue Proctor Team Application and send to
  2. Upon receiving formal approval to start from VB Rescue – EMS, complete the BLS/ALS Proctor Internship orientation and program.

Note: Released BLS Proctors that have either AEMT or Paramedic certifications do not need to submit another application to become an ALS Proctor. Simply complete the ALS Internship orientation and program.

Reimbursement for proctoring with VB Rescue is available to those proctors who are not already employees of the City of Virginia Beach. If you work for Virginia Beach Public Schools, you are able to receive reimbursement.

Have questions about the proctor process? Please contact Instruction Supervisor Eric de Forest.