VB Rescue Proctors

Basic requirements to start the process for becoming a VB Rescue Proctor:

  • Be released for 48 hours of actual shift (Street/duty) time as an AIC with VB Rescue, to be eligible to start formal internship.   (Newly certified EMT’s can also take the mentor/Proctor course)
  • Be an active member of VB Rescue. Actively running shifts, in good standing with your station, and good standing with VBEMS.
  • Fill out a VB Rescue Proctor Team Application  (Soon to be available online, but may be obtained by emailing edefores@vbgov.com )
  • Formal approval to start (from VB Rescue)
  • Take the VB Rescue Mentor/Proctor course.  (Parts I & II)

Note: Our course has a new Part I: Mentee, Mentor & Adult Learners session, which will be coming up soon online soon in our VB Rescue online Learn center.  Part II – Proctoring, and the BLS Academy  is a classroom session, that you can register to attend.  

You can find dates for these courses here.  Click on the link for Mentor/Proctor Course, or scroll down to that topic.

Anyone; BLS Intern or AIC can take Part I Mentor/Proctor course who are members of our system, and they do not have to become a proctor if they are not interested, but it can help AIC’s work with students and BLS Interns out in the field.

If you know someone else with a good, calm, kind, professional demeanor, that would be or is a good AIC/Mentor, and would be a good proctor candidate…Send them to the website to get plugged in for a date. ?

  • Then, Proctor Intern at Academy workshops and work through our proctor Intern release process.  (This includes bringing a proctor Intern release form to workshops (Which is part of a packet Interns receive) , and  they are filled out each workshop, and also proctors will  provide an evaluation at the end of each workshop.)
  • Release meetings are set up with the Proctor Team Coordinator or Program Director, when the Proctor Intern meets all of the criteria on the release form.  (PEG Testing, Competency review sessions, and three recommendations for release on evaluations, including from two different Senior Proctors)

BLS Workshop Proctors

Instructions on how to submit your contracts for payment can be found HERE