Provider & Family Mental Health Resources

This profession and its providers are amazing and rewarding!  Some days it is not.  There is a new campaign designed for our providers and profession to fill a void Make the Call. The goal is to remind first responders and those that know and love them that it is okay to Make the Call.  It is okay to reach out for help. It is okay to take care of yourself. Strength Requires Maintenance.


EMS supervisors can confidentially help and connect you vetted public safety counselors through our employee assistance program (EAP) at 800-448-4358 or peer counselors at the Tidewater CISM team (757-414-2476).

The Virginia Officeof EMS provides access to numerous resources to help providers and agencies recognize the signs and symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress, and to understand the training and resources that are available not just for the first responder, but for their family as well. For more info, visit .

The CODE GREEN Campaign

Nationwide confidential, 24hour crisis referral service for all public safety employees & their family members

Nationwide services for the public and the emergency responder

  • Crisis Text Line:  Text HOME to 741741
  • Kristin Brooks Hopeline:  800.442.4673
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline:  800.273.8255
  • Veterans Crisis Line (for veterans of the US armed forces):  800.273.8255 or txt 83825

Strength Requires Maintenance.

Regardless of the resource
you choose, Make the Call!

You matter, we care.