EMR Hardware

For all problems or issues:

  • Contact a shift supervisor during your shift.  They can solve many problems, including swapping your device and providing replacement parts, such as power chargers, lifepak sync cables, and styluses.

Virginia Beach EMS employs 3 models of Electronic Medical Reporting device (EMR).

Panasonic CF-20

  • Full ruggedized
  • Ambulance use


Panasonic CF-19

  • Full ruggedized
  • Ambulance use


Panasonic C2

  • Semi ruggedized
  • Zone car/supervisor vehicles


Solving common problems

  • It is the last thing most people want to hear, but rebooting the computer may solve a number of issues.  Some issues actually require 2 reboots to resolve.  It is recommended to reboot your EMR at the beginning of every shift and verify its operation as part of your vehicle check-off.
  • Ensure your wifi is connected to the truck wifi network, CVB-EMERGENCY and it is indicating internet access.
    • Disconnecting and reconnecting to CVB-EMERGENCY often solves problems where you are unable to post.
  • The Elite Desktop Client (formerly the Lifepak PC Gateway service) must be running in order to transmit or download a 12-lead.

Care and cleaning the EMR

  • Shut down the EMR at end of shift when you do not have a relief crew.  This will allow the device to cool and will help preserve the battery.
  • Use alcohol prep pads to remove any sticky residue from the screen, such as from hospital stickers.
  • Spray glass cleaner onto a cloth and gently remove fingerprints from the screen.  Don’t press hard to remove trouble spots, use more cleaner.
    • NEVER SPRAY any cleaner directly onto the EMR.