Uniforms (agency 404 only)


  • Galls sub-website:  https://virginiabeachems.galls.com
    • Your User Name should be your vbgov.com email address.  The following limitations apply:
      • This system is primarily designed for career personnel who already have a budgeted uniform allowance.  Orders from other personnel may be held up until available funding is identified.
      • When you submit your order using this system, it gets sent to the Logistics Office for review before it goes to Galls.
      • The items you order will be shipped to EMS HQ.  Your name will be on the shipment, and we will contact you when your order comes in.
      • The system only allows you to use your Department uniform allowance to place orders.  There is no way to apply your personal funds towards a purchase.
      • The official balance of your uniform allowance is tracked by the Logistics Office, not by the Galls system.  For instance, if your allowance is $300, and you use another process to order $250 worth of polo shirts from another vendor, the Galls system will continue to show an unofficial balance of $300 even though your official balance will be just $50.  As time allows, the Logistics Office will update the Galls system to show your official balance.
      • Due to processing deadlines at the end of the city’s fiscal year, no orders will be accepted on the Galls system on or after May 1st of each fiscal year.