Uniforms (Agency 404 Only)

  • Galls sub-website:  https://virginiabeachems.galls.com
      • Your User Name is your vbgov.com email address.  The following limitations apply:
        • This system is designed for career personnel who already have a budgeted uniform allowance.
        • When you submit your order using this system, it gets sent to the purchasing officer for review before it goes to Galls.
        • The items you order can either be shipped to EMS Headquarters or to your home. It is defaulted to ship to EMS Headquarters but you can add your home address under “My Account” and then “Address Book”
        • The system is set up to use your designated allotment first. Once that is used, you can use your personal credit card in the portal to purchase additional items.
        • Due to processing deadlines at the end of the city’s fiscal year, no orders will be accepted on the Galls system after April 30th of each fiscal year.