• CPAP
      • About the old Oxy-PEEPs
        • You should not remove any of the older Oxy-PEEP devices from the ambulances.  The Oxy-PEEPs must stay on the ambulances *at least* long enough for all ALS providers to get trained up on the new devices.
        • Even when everyone gets trained on the new devices, you may still stock the ambulances with Oxy-PEEPs until you run out.  The Oxy-PEEPs are still perfectly good for patients who don’t need to be nebulized.
        • From this point on, however, DO NOT order any more Oxy-PEEPs.  We want to phase them out.  No new providers will be trained to use Oxy-PEEPs.


      • Part numbers

        The only CPAP supplies you should be ordering from now on are:

        Part # 1057318
        This is a box of 5 whole systems.
        Each system contains a Flow-Safe II EZ CPAP breathing circuits with a LARGE MASK


        Part # 1057104
        This is a box of 5 MEDIUM/SMALL MASKS only


        Part # 1057321
        This is a box of 5 Flow-Safe II EZ breathing circuits with NO MASK.
        You can match these up with unused LARGE MASKS.

      • The ratio to order

        Most patients will need the LARGE MASK.  A minority of patients will need the MEDIUM/SMALL MASK.  We recommend you buy one box of part # 1057104 for every *two* boxes of part # 1057318.

      • What NOT to order

        CAUTION!  When ordering a box of whole systems (part # 1057318), you must be careful to only order “Flow Safe II EZ” systems, exactly as written here.  DO NOT order any of the following:

        • Flow Safe (without the “II” or the “EZ”)
        • Flow Safe II (without the “EZ”)
        • Flow Safe II+ BiLevel (bi-level is NOT approved for our system)
        • EZflow (this is just a nebulizer without the CPAP)

        Remember: “Mercury Medical Flow Safe II EZ” is the only approved system.

      • What to put on the ambulances

        When we are completely phased in, you should carry a “2&1 kit” on each ambulance:  Two of the whole systems (with large masks), and one medium/small mask on the side.

      • Restock rules

        If a Fire unit puts their Flow Safe II EZ CPAP on a patient, they *are* authorized to restock from the ambulance.  They are just applying these devices earlier, but like now, all CPAP inventory will be kept by the volunteer rescue squads.

      • How to place orders


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