Remove filters when downloading CAD or Transferring reports

Remove filters when downloading CAD or Transferring reports

A recent Elite update added filters to the CAD and Transfer Download screens.  These filters include your unit call sign and vehicle number you enter on the Elite Dashboard, such as below:


When download CAD, those values are automatically populated onto the CAD download screen as filters. Because of our VBEMS uses call signs to reflect the first due area and certification, this number will never match the call sign you enter on the Elite dashboard.  And the CAD download does not contain the Unit Number (bumper number).  As a result, you will never see any calls available for download.


For now, the work-around is to reset the Call Sign and Unit Number to All.  Enter the numerics of your unit number in the search box (upper right corner) to filter the list.


The same is true when Downloading a transferred case.


And please ensure you have entered an Incident Number before transferring a case, either manually or by CAD download.  Failure to input this and other information will result in the report being lost and unrecoverable.

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