Reporting requirements

Reporting requirements

When must a report be completed?

Any time units are dispatched, whether patient contact is made or not, a PPCR (prehospital patient care report) must be completed in Elite.  This includes:

  • Patient transports
  • Patient refusals
  • Death pronouncements
  • Public Assistance
  • Cancellations prior to arrival (by PD or Fire)
  • Stand by events, whether or not patients are seen

Or, put differently, if you are dispatched (even if immediately cleared) OR create a case and an incident number is generated, a PPCR is required.

Who is responsible for completing a report?

When multiple public safety agencies respond to the same incident and one agency clears another, there can be confusion who is responsible for completing a PPCR.

In general:

  • If you are cleared by VBFD, VBFD is responsible for completing the report.
  • If you are cleared by another EMS unit, that unit is responsible for completing the report.
  • If a dispatcher or VBPD clears you, EMS (the ambulance crew) is responsible for completing the report.

Virginia Beach EMS is the primary EMS agency within the City.  VBFD is our close partner in patient care and will often completes a EMS reports in addition to their National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFRS) report.  VBPD does not complete patient care reports.

An example would be that 3am call we sometime receive for an unconscious person in a car.  Chances are that person is merely sleeping and a bystander that called 911.  We still take every call seriously and a police officer, fire asset, and ambulance crew will be dispatched to check it out.  Police arrives on scene first, confirms the patient is okay, then clears all other responding units.  The EMS dispatcher contacts both EMS and Fire units to clear them.  Who does the report?

  • The ambulance crew, because it was VBPD and/or the dispatcher that cleared you.
  • If VBFD was first on scene and cleared everyone, they would complete the report.

It would be a wonderful thing if, over the air, folks would say “All other units can clear.  We will handle the paperwork.”

When is a report due?

Per Virginia Law, a completed patient care report must be completed at the time of patient turnover.  If not possible, an abbreviated report is provided at turnover and the full report be completed within 12 hours.  Our operational environment can make this a challenge.  Contact your shift supervisor if you are falling behind completing reports.

Also exercise good time management and teamwork when at the hospital.  The expected call turn-around time from when you arrive at the hospital to being clear is:

  • BLS patients, 30 minutes.
  • ALS patients, 45 minutes.
  • Cardiac arrest/RSI cases, 60 minutes.

The AIC of the call is responsible for writing the report and should make the most of their time in the emergency department, especially if there is a wait before transferring your patient.  Drivers and other crew are expected to clean the equipment to be ready for the next call.  Work together and help one another during high call volume.

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