How to sign up for Elite classes in the Member Portal

How to sign up for Elite classes in the Member Portal

This September, training for Elite will be offered in two formats: online and classroom.  One of the new features of the Member Portal is the ability to sign up for classroom training.  We will be using this feature to register for Elite classroom training.  All classes will be held at EMS Admin in the classroom on the following dates:

  • 9/6, 6pm
  • 9/7, 1pm
  • 9/8, 8am
  • 9/13, 9am
  • 9/14, 1pm
  • 9/16, 8am
  • 9/17, 8am
  • 9/17, 1pm
  • 9/20, 8am
  • 9/21, 6pm
  • 9/22, 1pm
  • 9/23, 8am
  • 9/23, 6pm
  • 9/25, 8am
  • 9/27, 1pm
  • 9/27, 6pm
  • 9/29, 8am
  • 9/29, 1pm
  • 9/29, 6pm
  • 9/30, 8am
  • 9/30, 1pm

Please follow the procedure below to sign up for training.

  1. Click the following link to visit the Member Portal.

  2. Sign in with your Elite username and password.   Please note this is the same username and password used in the VBEMS Member Portal.  Read this article if you need to access or reset your username or password.
  3. Click on Training from the left menu.member-portal-training-list
  4. Click on the desired training date, then click Register to be registered for class.
  5. You will receive an email confirming your registration.  Please note this is the only email you will receive, so please be sure to mark your personal calendars and attend.  Call the EMS Training Center if you need to change your registration.